August 5, 2012 Michael Butler

Solavei™ Network Marketing Company Pre-Launch Party Debuts in Tulsa

Solavei™ Network Marketing Company Pre-Launch Party Debuts in Tulsa, OK-Michael D. Butler Announces ‘DREAM TEAM’ Initiative to Accelerate Economic Growth in Sooner State

Start-up Solavei™ takes cell phone marketing to a whole new (multi-) level as networking strategist and business consultant launches ‘DREAM TEAM’ Website in Tulsa Oklahoma.


Michael & Michelle Butler Launched the "DREAM TEAM" to Stimulate Oklahoma's Economy












“As a Serial Entrepreneur and MLM Coach at  I get a ton of offers coming across my desk each week. The thing that caught my attention with Solavei™ is the price point, the network and the leadership team,” pronounces Butler.

Traditional phone companies pay billions each year in marketing and advertising. Solavei™ will pay individual users based on the size of their network.

“Network marketing,’ Butler asserts, ‘has created more millionaires than any other industry. Wireless is a $169 billion industry and there are 331 million mobile connections in the US alone.”

“Rather than giving you a free phone, we give you an opportunity,” said CEO Ryan Wuerch.

The company has lined up some big names as investors and advisers, and has raised approximately $15 million. Its Series B round, currently in progress, values the company at $130 million.

According to Wuerch, Solavei™ has also lined up more than 10,000 initial customers, with more than 1,000 preregistrations coming in each day. In the past two weeks, Wuerch said, Solavei™ has begun sending out phones to the first couple hundred customers, with an aim to begin nationwide service on Sept. 21.

News Corp.’s Jonathan Miller is among a long list of early investors and advisers, a list that also includes Amazon VP David Limp and former Walmart COO John Rittenhouse. On the staffing side, the company’s head of legal is Rick White, an attorney and former U.S. congressman, with former T-Mobile executives heading up finance and customer service roles.

Although the company is positioning itself primarily as a way to get low cost cellphone service or perhaps make a small amount of money each month, its marketing materials detail a compensation plan that mentions the possibility of making as much as $20,000 per month.

Butler said, “We are launching a complete marketing system for our ‘DREAM TEAM’ that will help generate leads and referrals online. We chose the name ‘DREAM TEAM’ because we want single moms, out of work dads and struggling Network Marketers to know that we have found something revolutionary and it is safe to dream again!”

To Learn More about the DREAM TEAM or to request an invite into ‘the lane’ readers can visit:

About Michael and Michelle Butler


Michael D. Butler, is a Serial Entrepreneur and Master Networker and a Founding Member of  Solavei™ Mr. Butler speaks on the topics of Social Media Strategy and Personal Branding. Michael is a much sought after speaker on the topics of Internet Marketing and Story-Telling.

After 15 years in Broadcasting and Communications Michelle is Inspiring Greatness in Others through her speaking, coaching and leadership development, Women Empowerment, full-time Network Marketers and Business Owners she travels, hosts webinars, encourages future Entrepreneurs and Leadership teams throughout the US and abroad.

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