Michael D. Butler Shares his heart for 2023

Twenty-three years ago I woke up and realized that my life was out of control I was overweight and depressed and had just gone through an ugly divorce. I was feeling very desperate after six months of wallowing in the mire eating fast food three times a day and drinking a 2 Liter Mountain Dew each day – I was addicted to caffeine pills to try to make it through the day.

I had serious brain fog and memory issues-Not to mention the core of the problem – I was angry at God – I was not taking any ownership of my life I was blaming everyone except looking inside and in the mirror.

When I finally decided to I look in the mirror and give myself a pep-talk. But not just a pep-talk I knew there had to be a serious transformation or I would be dead before my time.

I got up that day a changed man I knew I couldn’t transform overnight I knew I hadn’t gotten into the mess I was in overnight but I made a decision that day to do something every day to improve myself spiritually physically mentally financially and emotionally.

I began planting seeds: seeds of kindness, seeds of hope, seeds of forgiveness… I’ve seen many of those seeds grow up and come to pass and bear fruit in my life and in another peoples lives – I am so grateful that God did not give up on me and that my family did not give up on me!

I have the greatest expectation for you in this new year that with the right decisions and the right actions Your life will change!

Thank you to my family for never giving up on me and always believing in me I pray your grand children become huge shade trees!

What seeds are you planting this week?

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Hi, I am Michael D. Butler, Celebrity King Maker, Global Speaker, Book Publisher, and Host of Around the World with MichaelD.

My global vision is to turn authors into best-sellers and international speakers and help you…Find Your Voice, Grab the Mic, Take the Stage.

Happy New Years from Michael D. Butler Beyond Publishing CEO

Happy New Years from Michael D. Butler Beyond Publishing CEO


My Impact

With authors in 30 countries, Beyond Publishing authors have spoken on 6 continents and are impacting change and bringing favor to multitudes in many nations. Featuring experts in health, law, business, relationships, finances, start-up companies, raising capital, taking companies public, acquiring venture capital, and more.

My Give Back

I have founded and run https://1040Impact.org which rescues kids in human trafficking in Asia and prepares them with business skills for life.

My Support

Having published 705 titles by 168 authors in 33 countries, I support my authors by getting them on stages and promoting their books at the major book shows of the world through catalogs and foreign rights sales for maximum distribution.

My Media Experience

I have been a guest on Fox News and have gotten his clients onto CNN, Fox News, Dr. Phil, The Today Show, Good Morning America, TMZ, TLC, Rolling Stone, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc500, TBN, TruTV, Fox Business, and many others.

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