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My natural thought is that Brogan is simply doing the usual, trying to collect blog hits. Being a social media star has been popular with him from the beginning claiming himself to be the expert. I still don’t know who he is J The only thing I really noted, was his link back connection. Okay, I looked at the rest but I just read about another author with this same kind of list fifteen minutes earlier. Try not to take that negatively, but in a positive light. Put the lists in the shredder, and decide, what is it that you want to accomplish. More links, connections, etc, then people kind of get obsessed about those details.

For someone like Pamala (hey, spelled different) I would make Angel Food cakes or those white fluffy cakes and start selling them to support Human Trafficking. Yes, a bake sale. Make one cake though, which you can sell all over the world. Part of the proceeds can go to support Humans. The reason I say cakes, is that it is like girlscout cookies. You can sell them over and over again.

No, I am not making fun of anybody. The point is, you need to setup a “distribution” network.


The Campfire


The paradox of the fire is: it warms us, makes us trust it, then it can kill us.
The double edged sword of the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
‘the church” heals you and kills you.
Kind of like marriage and divorce. Kind of like being vulnerable or being closed.
As we watch Egypt and the White House and the Leadership vacuum globally. There is a trafficker lurking at every campfire.
I like the concept of needing a bigger campfire. I really like the concept of parents feeling safe and secure about their kids again  > my client>
I think child safety will be a trillion $$ global biz until Jesus comes back and we rule and reign with him.
Won’t it be fun to use technology around the campfire and be able to truly neutralize the ‘bad guys?”
But I also think about how much creative and ingenuity is lost by focusing all our energies on ‘survival?”
Look at the early fathers at Plymouth 20 hours a day just to survive.
I think if we can produce a secure, safe (perception) then the people working in our cloud can feel safe about sharing and producing ideas. (with or without an NDA)

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