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“The world is searching. They’re googling for an answer. Will they find your book?” -Michael D. Butler


Here in THE Publisher Podcast, we want to be a part of your journey. Whether you are a seasoned author or new in the field, you will surely enjoy these wisdom-packed conversations. Each week, we will talk about all things book-writing and publishing- all the best practical advice and wisdom you need! And every 7th episode, we will interview an A-list celebrity in the industry! We’re talking about the big names such as Chicken Soup for the Soul co-author Mark Victor Hansen and the former President of Paramount Pictures David Paul Kirkpatrick. In fact, they are our first two celebrity guests!   

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The renowned  Founder of Beyond Publishing, Global Speaker, and Media Coach, Michael D. Butler. 

Michael knows how to have a story worth sharing but is not able to get it out to the world. He stuttered as a kid and suffered from it for years. But when he finally learned the secret to overcoming his challenges, Michael was able to write his first book- Single Dad’s Survival Guide.

Finding a trustworthy publisher was no piece of cake. There were just too many of them! As he researched through the industry and grew through experience, Michael became THE person to know ON PUBLISHING that you know today. 

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Michael Butler: Welcome to The Publisher Podcast. I’m your host, Michael D. Butler, founder of Beyond Publishing in Dallas, Texas. Why The Publisher Podcast, it’s all about books, it’s all about launching your book. I gotta say in 2013 and 2014, I was consulting with two companies in Southern California and Las Vegas about book publishing. As I began to research the industry, I realized there was a lot of confusion, there was a lot of demand for opportunity because 1 million new authors in the US every year were wanting to write and publish a book, and about 5 million authors globally. So as I was consulting these companies, I realized that the confusion exists because there’s hybrid publishing companies, traditional publishing companies, self publishing. And for a new author that begins to Google and research on the internet, there’s questions about how do I find a publisher? What category do I put my book in? How do I hire a designer? Or do I design the book cover myself. A book cover though I actually sell? What’s the process to hire an editor? What’s the difference between a line edit versus standard edit? How can I get global distribution for my book beyond Amazon? How could I put a book up on Amazon? What is the average number of sales for new authors on Amazon? And the questions go on and on like, how do I get my book into bookstores? How do I get my book into libraries? 

This was my first book I published at that time called, The Single Dad’s Survival Guide, for reconnecting with your kids and moving on with life after divorce. I went through the hard lessons of learning how to get global distribution. How do I go number one on Amazon? How do I get others promoting my book? So it’s not just me talking about my book, it’s others, as we launch. How can I leverage my book to get speaking engagements? How can I leverage my book to get media interviews? How can I leverage my book to have coaching programs, and masterminds, and even though launch my own podcast? These are the questions that we were running into, and that we were learning. Not to mention other questions like translating my book into other languages, because 76% of books in English are bought and read outside the US. 

And as I began to travel the country, and even last year I was in 20 countries supporting our authors with 350 titles that we’ve published in the last three years to Beyond Publishing. It’s been exciting to see our authors get on stage, get in the local media, get in the local newspapers and do book signings, sell their books. How do I get in a bookstore to do a book signing? We’re going to interview people, every week, we’re going to launch a new episode, and I do a deep dive for seven minutes on the technical aspects of writing a manuscript. Should I hire a ghostwriter or not? All these questions, we’re going to do a deep dive. Every week on a different topic. And every seventh episode, we will have an A list celebrity from the literary world or the Hollywood world to talk about the power of story in launching your book. In fact, our first two celebrities or guests are Mark Victor Hansen, co-founder of Chicken Soup For The Soul. He sold over half a billion books. He’s on his way to sell 1 billion books. He and Jack Canfield started that franchise. Back in the 90’s, pre-internet, how do I launch my book without the internet? Well, we have the internet now, but how can we launch our book effectively with the internet. With facebook, how to do Facebook ads to launch a book, should I use a landing page? Should I do free plus shipping? So many questions. 

Our second celebrity guest is the former president of Paramount Studios, David Paul Kirkpatrick. He discovered Eddie Murphy, he brought Forrest Gump to the world. He brought us so many amazing series, he brought us Star Trek, he brought us Harrison Ford, The Hunt for Red October, and the list goes on and on. We’re gonna be here in the power of story from these legends in the storytelling industry of literary, film, television and screenplay. Can I get my book option for a screenplay? How can I leverage my book into a movie deal? How can I pitch my books to the studios? Should I hire an agent? These are the kinds of questions we’re going to answer, and we’re going to do a deep dive. So subscribe to The Publisher Podcast, we’re going to have a fun time on this journey. 

And I gotta tell you a little bit about me. I stuttered as a kid. Even though I was, until the age of five, naturally outgoing and gregarious. When I went to public school, I stuttered, I couldn’t get a sentence out, kids made fun of me so I went into my shell for about six years until I overcame that problem. I know what it’s like to have a story on the inside, but not be able to get it out to the world. Part of my dream is to help you get your story out to the world in book form, but also on stages, on podcasts, and in film, and on television. It’s been an exciting journey. And I must say, the most exciting story we find and that we publish could be yours. It’s always about the next story. Do you wake up early? Do you write in your manuscript every day? Have friends and family told you for years, you want to write a book, you need to write a book while you’re in the right place. I was in Washington, DC recently at the Library of Congress and I saw the Gutenberg Bible, that was the first book that rolled off the printing press in the 1500’s so the common man could read God’s word. And you know what? That’s what began to lift the blinders and bring the world out of the dark ages into the light. That’s what created the Renaissance, it was reading, and it was reading words from Scripture. So my question is, if the printing press brought us out of the dark ages, what can your book do? Isn’t it time the world hears your story?

You know, a lot of people thought the internet killed publishing, but it didn’t. Readership is up globally. Like never before, people are reading. The book industry it’s bigger than the movie industry, and it will continue to grow. Hardcover books are out selling ebooks. Hardcover books, over paperback books are up 20% year over year. Audio books are up 2,000%. Your story needs to be told. Your how to book needs to get out to the world. Your faith based, book on money, family, finances, relationships, starting a business, all those books need to get out to the world. The world is searching. They’re googling for an answer. Will they find you? Will they find your book? I’m Michael D. Butler, host of The Publisher Podcast. Join us on this journey, subscribe and share. We’re going to do a deep dive every week. We’re going to go deep for seven minutes. And then every seventh episode, we’re gonna interview an A list celebrity so stick around and share your story, and join our Facebook group for authors in the show notes. It’s gonna be a blast, we’re gonna have fun and we can’t wait to meet you. Thanks for your feedback. Drop us a note in the Facebook group and ask a question that you want addressed on the podcast. Thanks so much for tuning in. This is going to be a fun and epic journey together as we go global with Beyond Publishing and The Publisher Podcast, launch your book.