Michael D. Butler

I believe in the power of YOUR Voice!

Book Publisher | Global Speaker | Media Coach

About Michael

Having published 350 titles by 150 authors in 15 countries, Butler supports his authors by getting them on stages and promoting their books at the major book shows of the world through catalogs and foreign rights sales for maximum distribution. In 2019 Butler spoke in 20 countries. He runs the Global Elite Speakers Bureau that puts speakers and authors on stages globally.

Butler has been a guest on Fox News and has gotten his clients onto CNN, Dr. Phil, TMZ, TLC, Rolling Stone, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc500, TBN, TruTV, Fox Business and many others.

His Podcast, The Publisher Podcast is heard by thousands globally and features guests from Hollywood and the Literary Industry.

He has published 4 International best-selling books in multiple languages: The Single Dad’s Survival Guide, Best-Seller Status – Becoming a Best-Selling Author in the Digital Age and The Speaker’s Edge – Turning Your Part-Time Passion into Your Full-Time Speaking Career and It’s Complicated – When Finding Love was a Matter of Letting Go.

He Founded and runs 1040Impact.org that rescues kids in human trafficking, educates them and teaches them trade skills to equip them for life in Asia in places like Pakistan.


    Everyone has a story and stories deserve to be told.

    From the age of cave drawings to oral traditions passed down from generation to generation. When you’re ready to get your book to the world my company, BeyondPublishing.net can help you get your story out to the world!

    Beyond Publishing Authors in the News


    Michael D. Butler Interviews Brian Tracy

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    We help authors and speakers sell more books so they can charge more for speaking and consulting.

    Michael has been called a Book Launch Expert by Brian Tracy and his clients have been seen on Fox News, CNN, Dr. Phil, Fox Business, Inc 500, Garnered 2 Movie Deals, Dallas Morning News, San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Chronicle and many more.

    Our Authors headline doing:

    • Keynotes
    • Workshops
    • Facilitate Master-Minds
    • Webinars
    • Churches & Conferences
    • Corporate Audiences
    • Entrepreneurial Circles
    • Direct Sales Companies
    • Start-Up Companies
    • CEO Retreats
    • Global Event Speaking
    • Hosting Their Own Events

    Michael D. Butler Speaking

    We focus on getting our clients speaking more because our Authors who Speak Sell More Books!

    Book Michael to speak or get one of our Beyond Publishing Authors to speak at your next event.


    When it comes to creating a best-seller from your book that’s what we specialize in. From concept to market to best-seller, we can help you realize your book launch goals if it’s selling books, programs and coaching at the back of the room when you speak, getting media interviews on radio, TV, Podcasts.

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    Media Coach


    The strategies for getting your book, business and brand noticed have changed but some things remain constant for ages.

    The truth is consumers of news, media and entertainment have all moved from reading newspapers and traditional forms of media to digital news feeds and social media.

    The thing that has remained the same throughout the generations is the need to tell a compelling story. We all want our story to go VIRAL RIGHT? But in order for our story to go viral it must be authentic, compelling and shared by multiple, credible third-party individuals and outlets.

    It’s one thing for us to talk about ourselves but when other, credible 3rd party news outlets begin talking about you, you know you have your work cut out for you!

    Regardless of your budget, the important thing is to get started and to have a strategy.

    1) Know who your audience is
    2) Know what you want to accomplish
    3) Know how quickly you want to achieve your goals.