So, you’re clear on the reason you’re writing a book and you’re already fired up to get to the actual writing process. But before that, who are you writing your book for? Listen in as Michael explains why you need an avatar and how to understand the market so that you’re targeting the people who actually read and buy books. You may want to consider these if your goal is to be the next bestseller, otherwise, you’re just writing for the air.


“If you write your book for everyone, no one will read your book.” -Michael D. Butler



  • 01:44 What is an Avatar? 
  • 03:08 Why You Need An Avatar
  • 06:28 Who’s Your Buyer?





Bestsellers never write for everyone. So before you write your book, listen in as @MichaelButlerSr explains what an avatar is and why you need to have one. #TheProducer #Publishing #Podcast #BookWriting #BeABestSeller Share on X


Inspirational Quotes:

  • “If you write your book for everyone, no one will read your book.” -Michael D. Butler 
  • “The more niche, the more rich.” -Michael D. Butler



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Michael Butler: Welcome back to The Publisher Podcast, I’m your host, Michael D. Butler, Beyond Publishing and The Publisher Podcast right here in Dallas, Texas. This episode is brought to you by BEST SELLER STATUS: Becoming a Best-Selling Author in the Digital Age, grab my free book at right now. What we’re talking about today is before you write a book, you need to understand who is your avatar. Now, the word avatar means target market. Do the market research, understand who you’re writing the book for? A lot of people will say when I ask them, who do you write the book for? Or who are you writing your book for? They say, my books for everyone, my books for everyone on the planet. Well, if you write your book for everyone, no one will read your book. It’s really true. There’s 8 billion people on the planet. I can’t refer to your book. We can’t handle your book. Your book will not go viral. It’s scientifically and mathematically impossible for you to sell a ton of books if your book is too general. The more niche, the more rich. That’s right, the riches are in the niches. And I’m going to tell you this, do the market research. Avatar, means target market.

“If you write your book for everyone, no one will read your book.” -Michael D. Butler Share on X

First of all, 80% of the readers on the planet are women. So if you’re a guy writing a book for guys like I did on my first book, when I wrote Single Dad’s Survival Guide: For Re-Connecting with Your Kids & Moving on with Life After Divorce, it was a great book and it does really well around father’s day and Christmas, but you know what? Didn’t sell a lot of books because guys don’t buy books. Now, what I learned from this is I could have made this a gift set, made this a gift book for women to buy for the men in their life that were in pain and going through a divorce. So understand your niche, know who your niche is, know who is your target market. She had survived the Chernobyl nuclear disaster as an eight year old child, Anya G. is known when she brought her book to us to publish, Alone in the Crowd – Living Well with Endometriosis. Here was her avatar, the 176 million in there, women globally in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s that suffer from painful, debilitating endometriosis. She had done her research. She realized not many people had written books on how to live well with natural health with endometriosis. So she wrote the book, the Bible on Living Well with Endometriosis for women in pain globally, but then she brought it in ages 20 to 40, because those are the women that are targeted by the pharmaceutical industry and the allopathic medical industry to do surgery that may or may not be always required. So it opened doors for her, gave her credibility to speak on stages in Europe, Canada, and the US. And she’s been able to help thousands of women globally as a result of launching that book.

“The more niche, the more rich.” -Michael D. Butler Share on X

Understand who is your target market. Alex Morton, dorm room to millionaire. He made a fortune in the direct selling industry. He just turned 30 recently, and you know what? His target market is young people. It’s millennials, Gen Z, Gen Y and millennials are his target market, and people that don’t really fit into a box, or working in a cubicle, or working for the man. It’s for people that want to be entrepreneurial, that want to work from home, that want to be ballers, that want to make it big, that want to be speaking, that want to be traveling all over the world paying it forward, living a big lifestyle and doing things extraordinary and on the edge, that’s his target market. So he’s been featured in Forbes. He’s been featured in Rolling Stone. Two best-selling books, dorm room to millionaire in multiple languages. He has spoken in 85 countries in the last three years. Follow him on Instagram, he’s got a couple million followers.

Who is your target market? It’s not for everybody. THE ART OF THE ACQUISITION: Teaching You How To Win Big In Real Estate Investing, THE ART OF THE ACQUISITION. So Lawrence Malloy in Florida, he runs the Tampa GOREIA down there, the Real Estate Investors Association, he runs that organization in Florida. Number one on Amazon, THE ART OF THE ACQUISITION, teaches you how to do it, how to flip real estate, how to buy and sell real estate, how to refab, how to invest in Airbnb’s. He did his market research. First, understanding who his reader was. It was the school teacher, and the chiropractor, and the firefighter that wanted additional income and they wanted to learn how to flip houses and make a bundle of money in real estate, so that was his niche. And I got to tell you, if you want to succeed in being an author, and you want to get on more stages, and you want to get noticed by the media, and you want to build a backend membership website and coaching program, and if you truly want success as an author, you want to understand the next section, the next podcast is on how to do market research on your reader.

So know who your avatar is. 80% of the global, book readers are women. And so you want to appeal to women because women buy books. Guys? Even if they read, they don’t normally buy books. So there you have it, understand your avatar and your target market. I’m your host, Michael D. Butler and you’ve been listening to The Publisher Podcast where we dive deep for seven minutes and every 7th episode, we interview an alias celebrity from Hollywood and the literary world. Stay tuned for more, be sure and subscribe, and be sure and join our Facebook group and ask your question there, we would love to hear from you. Thanks for tuning in.