Do you have a book in you?
Have you been STUCK in the manuscript?
Need help finally getting it written?
Can you COMMIT to 1 hour per week?

New class starts November 6th/ Preview November 5th

Tune in November 5th  to see if we are a fit for your 8-week commitment to complete your non-fiction book that starts on August 7.

First 7 attendees are free. RSVP now before it’s too late!

This free online event will take you from concept to creation, to manuscript completion within 8 weeks!

Starting November 8th non-fiction writers are invited to join Beyond Publishing CEO Michael D. Butler on a journey, an 8-week journey of completing their books. Each week we will cover one crucial aspect of book writing from choosing a topic, finding your title and subtitle to the actual process of staging, assembling and preparing your content to deliver to the world as a sellable book.

If you’re committed to the process our team is committed to helping you create a sellable book within 60 days.

The weekly trainings will not be recorded so group participation is required to get the most out of the 8-week process.

An initial zoom interview with each participant will happen prior to August 7 (first online class) to be sure the candidate is a good fit for the group. We are keeping the total number of students to a minimum so RSVP today before it’s too late.
Nov 5th Preview at 12 noon CST


New class starts Nov 6, 2020

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