Did you know? The fastest way to gain your client’s trust is through your book. In this episode, you’ll hear the mind-blowing statistics about published authors, what your book means for you and your business, and how your book can get you to places you’ll never reach otherwise. Listen in as Michael shares how your book can do wonders! 


“You want credibility? Write and publish a book.” -Michael D. Butler



  • 01:33 What Can a Book Do for You? 
  • 03:15 Increase Your “Googlebility”




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What is the best business card you can give to your clients?- Your book! Tune in as @MichaelButlerSr. shares what statistics say about published authors! #TheProducer #Publishing #Podcast #BookWriting #BeABestSeller Share on X


Inspirational Quotes:

  • “You want credibility? Write and publish a book.” -Michael D. Butler



Who’s Michael? 

Michael D. Butler is the go-to expert in the publishing world. He is a renowned Book Publisher, Global Speaker, and Media Coach. He is the Founder of Beyond Publishing, a company that specializes in creating best-selling authors. If impact is what you wish to make, craft your message and let Michael handle the rest!


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Michael Butler: Welcome back to The Publisher Podcast. I’m your host, Michael D. Butler of Beyond Publishing. Here at the Publishing Podcast, we say, LAUNCH YOU BOOK. Today’s topic is credibility. What can a book do for you? It can establish credibility. If I’m hiring a speaker, if I’m hiring a consultant, if I’m hiring a coach, I’m gonna hire the author, the speaker, the coach that’s written a book. Listening to the statistics from the Publishing Institute, writing a book boosts revenue 380% for consultants, 219% for public speakers and 194% for real estate agents. Think about it. You go to a networking event in a new city at a chamber, and there’s six insurance agents there. Everybody wants to sell you an auto, a home, a life insurance and a health insurance policy. Who do you buy from? You buy from the agent that you know, like and trust. One of the greatest ways statistically to improve the know like and trust factor is by offering a book. When you bring on a new client into your business, you give them a copy of your book. That book establishes credibility. It’s filled with pictures, it’s filled up with your why, it’s filled with your pictures of you sponsoring the little league games in your local city and your community, it establishes the know like and trust factor. You want credibility to speak on stage, write a book, publish a book.

One of our authors just called and CNN is asking, when is my book going to be done? People want to have you on their stage, they want to have you their podcast and their show once the book is done. Ask any event planner or any speakers, authors with books, they get hired quicker and they get paid more because they have a book. A book will give you credibility. It is a digital business card. Not only that, it increases your Google ability factor. If I Google you and I see books, and I see Amazon back linking to your website, and Barnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million and IndieBound books linking back to your website because you’ve got books there, and on target.com and walmart.com, what do you think that does for your viability as a business owner, as a speaker, it’s through the roof. You want credibility? Write and publish a book.

“You want credibility? Write and publish a book.” -Michael D. Butler Share on X

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