You’re not done yet! Being a published author is just the start of you impacting the world. It’s time for you to stand up as an authority and deliver your message on different stages. Don’t miss out on today’s podcast as Michael shares how you can get yourself a load of speaking engagements where you can actually get paid!


“You can do it. It’s finally time for you to take the mic, write your book, and change the world!” -Michael D. Butler



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  • “You can do it. It’s finally time for you to take the mic, write your book, and change the world!” -Michael D. Butler 



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Michael Butler: Welcome back to The Publisher Podcast. I’m your host, Michael D. Butler, founder Beyond Publishing right here in Dallas, Texas, where we go deep in seven minutes about publishing, and every seventh episode, we interview an alias celebrity from the literary or Hollywood world. So let’s talk about your story. How’s that book coming? I believe you’ve got a book we’re talking about launching the book. Today, we’re talking about leveraging your book to get on more stages. It’s true, the best way to leverage your book to get on more stages is to put in all of your bio’s on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram that you are a speaker. That’s right. See these pictures behind me, I was speaking at Daniel Gomez event, Sticker Shock Speaking Academy. I bought the photos, there we go, boom. And you want to say I’m a speaker everywhere. There’s lots of ways. We’re going to talk in a future episode about Speakers Bureau. Are they worth it? Do they work? It’s really about finding your voice. My new book, The Speaker’s Edge, you can grab it right there in the show notes. THE SPEAKERS’ EDGE: Turning Your Part-Time Passion, into your full time speaking career, speaking from stage and virtually. Now, if you wrote a memoir, here’s A Broken Hallelujah, Ashley Trevino, great story, great book. She loves to speak from the stage and she does a great job online or in person. But it’s harder for a memoir, if you’re truly putting out your memoirs to the world to get on as many stages. Why is that? Well, simply because you want to be showing that you’re solving a problem. Here’s the problem you solve when you go speak and you can speak anywhere for free or for free. It is about how to flip houses. If you do a book, it’s a little easier to market to package and sell.

Now, there’s one of three ways you can speak more. You can get paid to speak on other stages, or you can speak for free, or you can host your own events. I should have said there were four ways co’z the fourth way is you can pay to be on other people’s stages. And you might say, why would I pay to be on somebody’s stage? And the truth is this, if they’re hosting events, they’re doing the marketing and advertising. They’re going to have the people there, you speak on stage. You get to sell books, you get the speaker sizzle reel photo opportunity of you actually speaking to a crowd of people, okay? And then you get to sell your program to the attendees. And so it’s another way of thinking about it. Now, the average entry level price for a speaker is $5,000 per hour. Now, even though our top author who owns a television network gets $80,000 an hour at Global Elite Speakers Bureau, you can go submit your profile right now at Global Elite Speakers Bureau, we market that site. It’s very specific. There’s health and wellness, there’s technology, there’s government and cultural, there’s education, there’s entertainment, there’s a place for motivational speakers, leadership speakers. What kind of speaker are you?

We’re talking today specifically about how to leverage your book to get more speaking gigs. You want pictures of you holding up your book and speaking. It’s very powerful. You want pictures of you doing media interviews. Maybe you’re saying I haven’t been on the local TV yet,, that’s fine. Take a screenshot of you being interviewed on Zoom calls, holding your book up. It’s a very powerful way to brand yourself and position yourself. The other thing you can do is start your own podcast. I mean, if you love to speak, and I’m going to tell you my story that I stuttered as a kid. From 5 to 11, I stuttered when I went to public schools, there was just something about the fear factor of being around other social groups. I didn’t have that much exposure yet. It began to stutter, even though I was naturally outgoing and gregarious kids made fun of me, so I went into my shell and became an introvert for a few years until I eventually overcame that, found my voice and regained my confidence. I know what it’s like to have a story stuck on the inside of your heart and soul and not be able to get it out to the world. That’s one reason we started the Global Elite Speakers Bureau., we do not discriminate. You can submit your bio there. If there’s a need, we will call you. These are paid speaking gigs.

Now there’s free speaking gigs too, and I’m going to tell you what my mentor, Zig Ziglar said, he said, I did hundreds of free speaking gigs before I ever got PAID for a gig. So there’s a number of ways you can get paid. I remember when I gave my speech in seventh grade and I got a standing ovation applause for. Mr. Kelly, my English teacher, the day of school said, six weeks from now, everybody’s going to give a speech. And I decided I would speak on weather forecasting. I knew at that moment when I got the applause, I either wanted to be a meteorologist or a minister when I grew up, because those were the only two careers I knew you would get paid for public speaking. But I’m going to tell you, if you’re just getting started out, you can join a Rotary Club. They will coach you, they will help you, they will mentor you, one of the greatest groups in the world.

And listen, I’ve got a friend here in Dallas, Texas that made hundreds of thousands of dollars the last few years speaking at Rotary Clubs and promoting his book, and selling his book, literally selling his book and speaking at Rotary Clubs. You might be on a waiting list, but you can sell your books and also get hired a lot for your primary services because you’re meeting people in your target market. And the other group globally acclaimed is Toastmasters, go join a Toastmasters Group, learn how to sharpen your speaking skills, it will go a long way. And I got to tell you, of our 130 authors that we have at Beyond Publishing in our catalog here with 350 titles, our authors that are speaking the most, they’re selling the most books, and they’re doing the most coaching and bringing in the most new clients. So get on the stages of the world. Don’t be afraid, I believe it’s time for you to share your voice. Go ahead and jump on and get in our new writing class that’s starting up soon at WriteBook60Days and grab, it’ll change your life. And if you want to break into speaking like never before, grab my book in the show notes on the link, The Speaker’s Edge, and then go ahead and join the

“You can do it. It’s finally time for you to take the mic, write your book, and change the world!” -Michael D. Butler Click To Tweet

I’m your host, Michael D. Butler here on The Publisher Podcast. Don’t miss this next episode with Mark Victor Hansen. He sold over half a billion books and he’s on his way to sell a billion books. You know what? Nobody ran a four minute mile until one day somebody did that. And guess what? The next year it’s like a hundred people ran a four minute mile because I believe you can do it. I believe the dream that God put in your heart, it’s finally time for you to take the mic, write your book and change the world. Let’s do it together. Jump on my calendar, let’s do a meeting, I would love to hear more about your story. Thanks for tuning in and subscribing, post your questions in our Facebook group and have a great week. And let’s launch your book on The Publisher Podcast.